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Join athletes from the class of 2022 and top underclassmen looking to showcase their talent at The DICK'S Sporting Goods Regional Showcase. This event allows athletes to receive a verified football rating, compete in drills designed to showcase your athleticism that will be shared with college coaches to help recruiting, and even earn a shot at going all the way to The National Showcase in the summer of 2021. 

Tested last year? Come see where you've improved before moving onto the next level. Still being slept on? This is a great chance to make a name for yourself.

The DICK'S Sporting Goods Regional Showcase will allow participants to be measured, photographed and then after a dynamic warmup, compete in the four testing events in a safe, supervised and professional environment:


40-yard Dash (two attempts, fastest time kept)

20-yard or 5-10-5 shuttle (one attempt to left, one to right, fastest time kept)

Vertical Jump (standing jump, two attempts, best jump kept)

Kneeling Power Ball toss (6 lbs. ball toss, two attempts, best toss kept)


Upon completion of the testing, athletes will receive an athletic football rating, which lets them know how they rank amongst not only their peers but also some of the greats of the game, most of whom have participated during the 25 years of Student Sports football events.

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Q: Who can attend a The DICK'S Sporting Goods Regional Showcase? Can seniors (Class of 2020) attend a DICK'S Showcase?

A: The DICK'S Regional Showcase are intended for top prospects in the Class of 2022 as well as elite underclassmen. To be considered for a spot in the event, players may submit their information at our Player Submission link, or be nominated by their high school head coach at our Coaches Submission Link.

Q: What’s the cost of a attending a DICK'S Showcase? 

A: The DICK'S Showcase is free of charge.


Q: What is the difference between a DICK'S Showcase and a Regional Camp?

A: There are not any all-position regional camps being run by Student Sports this year. We look forward to offering great athlete opportunities and experiences through The DICK’S Showcase, the Elite 11 QB Regional Camps, the Elite 11 QB Academies and the Final 5 OL Academies. Top performers from The DICK’S Showcases will be eligible for selection to compete at The National Showcase as well in the summer of 2021.

Q: Can a bad performance at a DICK'S Showcase hurt my stock?

A: No, because of the “scratch rule.” Student Sports cares about the athlete first. If an athlete does not like a particular mark, the time or mark may be scratched from the results. Even so, college coaches put more emphasis on how players perform in pads. A disappointing time in the 40 will not lead to colleges dropping a player. At events, running backs and wide receivers have run 4.8′s and linebackers run 5.2′s and still sign with major D‐I programs.


Q: How do I scratch my testing results? 

A: Athletes can email after the event to have their results scratched. Please be sure to include the athlete’s name, event attended and the results you want to have scratched. Please note that scratching any of the testing results will not yield a Rating. 


Q: My school is not listed on the registration page. What should I do?

A: If you do not see your school of the list of high schools after selecting the state, you can request to have your school added to the list. Please complete your registration using another school from the appropriate state then email the athletes name, correct high school, including the school city & state and the event registered to attend. To report a missing school and/or have your school updated, please click here now.

Q: I registered for a DICK'S Showcase; will I now get a confirmation email?

A: Yes. You and your parent or guardian will get an email confirming your registration and another event reminder email the Monday before the event. If you have not received your confirmation within a day of signing up, please check your spam, events or junk email folders. You will need to print out this confirmation and bring with you to the DICK'S Showcase.


Q: I registered for a DICK'S Showcase and did not receive my confirmation email with my Event Pass. How can I retrieve it?

A: Try looking in all of your spam, events or junk mail folders to see if our email landed there first. If you cannot find the email, then you can email Kirsten Leetch at  Please be sure to include the athlete’s name, the event and time session that you are registered to attend in your email. Please do not register for the event a second time.


Q: Why are there different check‐in times for certain athletes? Will I be missing something by coming later in the day?

A: The check-in times are position specific. Every athlete has the same experience regardless of the check-­in time as it relates to going through standard measurements, testing and then position specific movement drills. Please report at your scheduled check-­in time.


Q: I am a coach or parent that is bringing several athletes that have different check-­in times. How can I get them all checked ­in and tested together?

A: In order to compete at your preferred position, we ask that athletes show up and check­-in at the designated times. 


Q: Can I go to a DICK'S Showcase to watch?

A: It depends on the venue and also COVID-19 safety protocols at the respective host facilities. We must keep the fields clear and safe for all participants, however we will do our best to provide spectator opportunities if possible.

Q: Online registration is closed but will I be able to register onsite at the DICK'S Showcase as a walkup?

A: We would love to stay and test everyone however, due to time constraints and limited supplies, we have to limit registration for each event. If time and supplies permit, walk-ups will be taken after all registered athletes have checked in.


Q: I will not be able to attend the event I registered for. Can I give my Event Pass to my teammate or relative?

A: No. The Event Pass is non-transferable and is tied to your personal information for that event. If you are unable to attend the DICK'S Showcase that you registered for, please notify Kirsten Leetch at 


Q: How can I change my registration information?

A: To make a change or correction to your registration information, please email Kirsten Leetch at Please be sure to include the athlete’s name, event, with time session that you are registered to attend and what you would like us to update in your email.


Q: I am a quarterback and registered to attend a DICK'S Showcase event before I received an invite to the Elite 11 QB Regional camp, what should I do?

A: Please contact Brian Stumpf at to have your registration transferred over to the Elite 11 event.


Q: What will I be tested in?

A: The 40‐yard dash (twice, fastest time kept), vertical jump (highest jump kept), the 20‐yard shuttle (twice, fastest time kept) and the kneeling power ball throw (twice, farthest throw kept).


Q: How heavy is the Powerball?

A: The weight of the Powerball is 6 pounds.


Q: How long does the testing at a DICK'S Showcase take?

A: Once an athlete is checked it should take no more than two hours or so to complete testing and position-specific drills. Every athlete has the same experience regardless of check-­in times.


Q: Will there be 1 on 1’s at the DICK'S Showcase?

A: No. The DICK'S Showcase is strictly for testing an athlete’s athletic ability and displaying movements in position-specific drills. All position drills will be filmed for college coaches and distributed post-event along with testing results. There will not be 1-on-1 drills that take place at the DICK'S Showcase. However some DICK'S Showcases are followed by an Elite 11 QB regional, so skill players can stay after to run routes and catch passes with the quarterbacks. To register as a pass-catcher for an Elite 11 QB regional click here.


Q: How do I get my official Rating results?

A: You will leave the DICK'S Showcase with your unofficial results in hand. You will receive an email a few days after the event with links to view official results and head shots that were taken at the event.


Q: What do I need to bring to the Showcase?

A: Cleats/running shoes to run in, workout gear and your Event Pass and Event waiver, which can be found in the email confirmation. Take a look at the field-­type beforehand to determine the best type of cleats/shoes you should run in. NO TRACK SPIKES!!  We recommend that athletes leave all valuables in the car or with parents or coaches. Every registered athlete will receive an event shirt at the conclusion of the event. Student Sports is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, please pack accordingly and note that you don’t need to bring a lot to test.


Q: It’s raining, will the DICK'S Showcase be cancelled?

A: DICK'S Showcase will be held rain or shine. Just like a football game, only in the event of lightning will athletes be pulled off the field for safety.


Q: I would like to volunteer as a coach or event helper. Where can I sign up? 

A: If you are interested in helping out at an event, please contact Eugene Jackson at


Q: I’m an athlete in junior high school. Can I still attend a DICK'S Showcase?

A: No, unfortunately the DICK’S Showcase events are just for top Class of 2022 prospect and elite high school underclassmen. Younger players may participate in the DICK’S Sporting Goods Digital Combine and if you are a quarterback or wide receiver, also checkout the Elite 11 Academy.


Q: I am from a media outlet and I’d like to come to a DICK'S Showcase. Do I need to pre-register to attend?

A: Yes, media outlets must pre-register and be pre-approved before coming to a DICK'S Showcase. Media may email Kirsten Leetch at to request credentials.

Q: Will the testing results be posted publicly?

A: Testing results will be viewable for college coaches through The UCReport, but not posted publicly. Each athlete will leave the event with their results as well.


Q: I read the FAQ's and still need assistance, what can I do?

A: Concerns or questions regarding online registration or the Event Pass, please contact Kirsten Leetch



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